Many Networkers enroll in a program, all excited and ready to build a  large income. But, several months later, they quit! 


What happened in between? 

Between the initial excitement and the ending discouragement, something happened. 

Why does the fire get put out so quickly? 

The primary reason is that reality sets in when the Pay Plan kicks in. 

People come to realize that they are never going to get paid on all the levels that the Company "states" they pay. 


The Group Volume quotas are unreachable. 

They realize, "I will NEVER get there. 

And they finally give up trying. - - - So they quit. 


Group Volume quotas are usually the qualification to be paid on  the full number of levels. 

The big problem is that these Group Volume quotas are too difficult for most full-timers, to say nothing about the impossibility for the part-timers. 


The bottom line is that the full-timer is very unlikely to achieve that Group Volume quota. 

If he does achieve it, he is not likely to STAY qualified. 


Why is this? 

It's because most of the people in the downline are part-timers, 

and they will NEVER make it. 






When they realize this, they give up. 

Then the Group Volume of the full-timer drops. 

Trying to replace the lost Volume becomes an exercise in futility. 

He cannot replace the dropouts fast enough. 

It gets to the point where people drop out so fast that it's a negative momentum. 

When the full-timer's volume drops below the required quota, 

he stands to lose a substantial part of his bonus check. 



HERE'S the PROBLEM: You have no control over your Group Volume! 



What can he do? 


That is, buy the difference. 

This is called "buying his paycheck". 

It is quite common in Network Marketing. 

Each month, as Group Volume drops, the amount the full-timer buys will increase. 

There are many Networkers who buy $10,000 to $20,000 per month. 


What do they do with all of that product? Who knows! 



When someone tries to recruit you by flashing a big check, 

ask them how much of their volume were they forced to buy. 


This brings us to a shocking conclusion: Network Marketing programs that are not structured for the part-timer,  will eventually fall apart. 


The full-timer will only keep pumping people in until his frustration level reaches the inevitable, and he also gives up and quits. 


The conclusion is this:  The basic foundation of any successful long-term Network Marketing downline is the part-timer. 



If a program cannot retain the part-timer, it is a short-term program. 

And there is no long-term residual income in a short-term program. 


Residual income is built on retention of part-time people. 


If you are a part-timer, Group Volume Quotas are your enemy. 

If you are a full-timer, Group Volume requirements will eventually become your enemy. 


Group Volume quotas are the enemy of residual income. 


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